Portable Winch PCA-1290 Skidding Cone for Logs

Portable Winch

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The skidding cone is an essential tool for small-scale timber harvesting activities. It prevents logs from getting stuck in roots, stumps and other obstacles. Its elliptical-shaped nose makes it robust and allows it to slide along residual trees, thus avoiding injuries during regeneration.

Made of high-performance polymer plastic, it is lightweight, flexible and virtually unbreakable. Its large opening can fit a trunk of 20'' in diameter, or several bundled stems. The friction on the ground is considerably reduced, which makes it possible to pull heavier loads. It can be used with a portable winch, behind an all-terrain vehicle, a snowmobile, a small tractor and even a horse, in any season, since it can withstand temperatures down to -22�F. The cone is a must-have for pulling logs with a capstan winch! Use it with our chokers for best performances.