Oregon 80TXL051G SpeedCut Nano Saw Chain, .325" Low Profile Pitch, .043" Gauge, 51 Drive Links

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80TXL must be used together with the corresponding guide bar and sprocket and is not compatible with other existing cutting systems

SpeedCut Nano has been engineered from the ground up with maximum efficiency in mind. Built to optimize saw performance, SpeedCut Nano meets the demands of tree care professionals like no other system on the market.

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Customer Reviews

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steve c.

Installed 12" on a MS 151 TCE with 1/4p. MS150 combo bar and sprocket fits the MS151. However, you have to remove the sprocket to remove/install the chain. Ran 1 tank of gas with the chain and bar. Bar did not seem to oil well. Bar oil was fairly thick. Need to try a thinner oil. Combo feels more balanced and less sword like than 1/4p setup. Out of the box, the chain cut ok (mixture of dust and chips). Need to retry setup with larger bar oil hole, sharpened chain, and rakers cut to 0.3. Saw cut similar to 1/4p. Chain is easier to sharpen than 1/4p.

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