Oregon 27RX172G RipCut Saw Chain, .404" Pitch, .063" Gauge, 172 Drive Links


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Super-Skip Sequence. Specially made for ripping - making cuts parallel to the wood grain. 27RX has a special ripping application grind for making dimensional boards and planks from large timbers. The 27RX is a super-skip sequence to allow greater chip clearance when making extra wide cuts. For use on chain-type sawmills. Not recommended for hand-held use. Any saw mill worker will tell you that ripping chain is different from all other saw chains. You need a special kind of chain for ripping cuts - the kind that transforms raw timber into the boards and planks used in homes and businesses. Oregon's RipCut is designed specifically for chain-type sawmills, producing smooth cuts with supreme efficiency. RipCut's precise ripping gives you a smooth surface every time you cut parallel to the wood grain. RipCut is not recommended for hand-held use, but that suits experienced millwrights just fine.