Oregon 27AX025U VersaCut Saw Chain, .404" Pitch, .063" Gauge, 25-Foot Reel


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This is a heavy-duty, high performance chain for professionals using large saws. Ideal for those who prefer the durability and easy maintenance of Micro Chisel cutters. Micro Chisel cutters have small-radius working corners for excellent performance and easy maintenance. This is the skip sequence version of 27X. Arborists, landscapers and loggers have encountered every type of tree, shrub, stump, limb and twig. If it's outdoors and made of wood, you've probably cut or maintained it. Oregon's VersaCut was designed for you. VersaCut delivers both versatility and durability. The semi-chisel and Micro Chisel cutters make sure you stay sharp longer for all-day cutting. VersaCut is also easy to maintain; and it stays sharp longer in a variety of cutting conditions. Clean wood or dirty wood, frozen or green, VersaCut is the smart choice for tree professionals.