Oregon 21BPX076G ControlCut Saw Chain, .325" Pitch, .058" Gauge, 76 Drive Links

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If you own or maintain a property, you will inevitably manage a lot of smaller jobs. They add up fast. Oregon's ControlCut saw chain is ideal for all light-duty work because it gives you a smooth cut every single time and it's easy to maintain. ControlCut has the longevity for bigger jobs too. ControlCut's semi-chisel and Micro Chisel cutting styles are ideal for property owners who need to cut the occasional tree limb, as well as experienced landscapers and orchardists who cut trees for a living. ControlCut is low maintenance and it stays sharper so you get jobs done quickly and easily. An ideal choice for regular users of saws such as property owners and landscapers. The low-vibration, Micro Chisel cutters have small-radius working corners for excellent performance and easy maintenance. Low kickback design.

Note: This saw chain is considered one of our "Custom Loops," meaning that it is spun up from our available 50FT/100FT bulk saw chain reels. If we show no stock of this saw chain, please check for stock of the 21BPX100U 100FT Bulk Reel. If stock is showing for the bulk reel, we will be able to spin up your custom loop once an order is received. Please allow an extra 2-4 days of handling time as our warehouse workers spin up your ordered custom loop.

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