Portable Winch PCW5000-GK Garden-Cottage Kit

Portable Winch PCW5000-GK Garden-Cottage Kit

Portable Winch

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Jobs arround your property are common and may require all the power the 50 CC engine can provide. the PCW5000-GK kit holds an incredible value. No matter what task you assign it to, the gas-powered winch PCW5000 will fulfill it with its large 2,200-lb pulling capacity in a single pulling line.

Whether it is for cutting down a tree, removing stumps, stretching fences, pulling a boat or dock out of the water, you will never wonder if it will do the job! In addition to the winch, this kit contains a 164-feet polyester rope and its storage bag, two carabiners, a polyester sling and a robust case to easily store or carry your equipment between locations. The single pulley (PCA-1274) will be useful to double the pulling force when needed. Combined with the 2,200-lb power offered by the winch, you will obtain 4,400 lb of power! A kit offering power and reliability!

Note: One (1) 2-1/2'' x 6-1/2' polyester anchor sling is included with the winch.

Note: Spark Arrestor not inlcuded in PCW5000 models and kits. Please view PCA-1151 Spark Arrestor