Oregon M66 SpeedCut Narrow Kerf Chain, .325" Pitch, .050" Gauge, 66 Drive Links


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Always use SpeedCut narrow kerf chain in combination with SpeedCut or other narrow kerf bars. Work faster, sharper and easier with a more efficient saw chain. Ideal for arborists and property owners who want top performance. 95TXL is for saws up to 55cc. (Replaces 95VPX) Oregon SpeedCut 95TXL narrow kerf cutting systems are more efficient, needing less power from the saw than standard cutting systems. Low-vibration, Micro Chisel cutters have small-radius working corners for excellent performance and easy maintenance. Get faster, easier cuts with a reshaped cutting surface. This chain offers a sharper, more durable cutting edge from a new precision grind and optimized cutting angle.