Oregon 72JGX PowerCut 3/8" Saw Chain, .050" Gauge

Starting From: $17.01

An ideal chain for professional woodcutters who use 3/8" pitch chain saws. Low-vibration, full chisel cutters offer top performance. Offset depth gauges prevent cutters from driving into the sidewall of the cut, offering a smoother cut.


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  • Highly-experienced loggers and skilled forest workers require precision, power and speed to get through a hard day's work. Oregon's PowerCut saw chain possesses all of those qualities. PowerCut uses full chisel cutters that cut quickly through timber with precise cuts. If you require top performance during a long day of logging, then PowerCut is the right cutting system for you.

    Constructed with Ramped Depth Gauge to reduce kickback

    Exclusive OCS-01 steel delivers great durability

    Top-plate filing indicators make accurate sharpening easier

    Blued Cutters deliver high-quality protection against corrosion

    LubriTec - Lubricant is held inside Lubritec reservoirs. Oil flows freely into and around the saw chain parts; it is held in the high-friction zone where the saw chain and guide bar make contact. Lubricant lowers friction during the start-up period  before the saw's oiling system reaches peak function. LubriTec strengthens the saw chain tie straps and reduces their tendency to flex during operation.