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Frequently Asked Questions

Jump to our main FAQ categories below:
Questions with a "★" represent our most common questions!

★ How to determine if a saw chain loop is compatible with my guide bar?
★ Where do I LOOK for my saw chain's specs? (Pitch, Gauge, Drive Link Count) - Easiest way!
Cutter Sequence: what are the differences?
Cutter Type: what are the differences?
Differentiating Oregon Saw Chain Families
Retailer vs. Dealer Oregon Saw Chain (ie. S52 vs. 91PX052G)
How do I measure my saw chain's specs? (Pitch, Gauge, Drive Link Count)

★ How to determine if a guide bar is compatible with my chainsaw?
★ Where do I LOOK for my guide bar's specs? (Pitch, Gauge, Drive Link Count) - Easiest way!
★ How to determine my guide bar's specs? (Pitch, Gauge, Bar Mount) PLUS Stihl and Husqvarna conversions!
Differentiating Oregon Guide Bar Families

VIDEOS: How do I sharpen saw chain? (Handheld Files, Bench Grinders, Electric Sharpeners)
★ FILES (Handheld): What size should I use? What are filing angles for my saw chain?
★ GRINDING WHEELS (Bench Grinder): What size should I use? What are grinding angles for my saw chain?
★ What are the main differences between Oregon's Bench Grinders?
How do I keep my saw chain properly lubricated?
How do I deal with cold-weather wear on my saw chain?

VIDEO: Milling Tips for first-time users
★ What are the chainsaw size and power requirements for Granberg Saw Mills?
Why should I use "Ripping Chain" with my saw mill?
How do I find the right Ripping Chain?
Do I have to use wedges with the Granberg Saw Mill?
Can I put a larger mill on a smaller bar?
How do I make lumber with a Granberg Saw Mill?

★ What are the main differences between the Portable Winches you offer?
How can I increase the pulling power of my winch?
What is the fuel consumption of the Honda GXH-50 engine?
Is there anything I should know about the gas (petrol) to put in it?
What is the maximum distance my winch can pull?

★ How do I determine which rope is best for me?
★ How do I properly maintain my ropes?
★ When should I finally retire my rope?
★ Webbing: what should I know? (Flat Rope, Slings, Lanyards, Straps, ETC.)
Lanyards: what should I know?
What's the difference between Climbing and Rigging Rope?

Carabiners & Screw Links: General Care & Guidelines
Carabiners & Screw Links: What are the Different Shapes?
Carabiners & Screw Links: Locking Mechanisms
Carabiners & Screw Links: Size, Weight & Strength
What factors should I consider when finding a block/pulley?
What is the difference between a Block and a Pulley?

★ Proper fit and sizing for belts, saddles, and harnesses
General care for belts, saddles, and harnesses
What are the safety requirements for belts, saddles, and harnesses?

Which shipping carriers does AmericanForestry use to ship orders?
★ How long will it take to get my order delivered?
Does keep/collect debit and credit card information?
★ How do I start the process of returning my order?
Can I return my order for a refund/exchange?
What should I do about a damaged/defective product?
Will a shipping charge be applied to my order?
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